Insects have been used both literally and figuratively in art since the Renaissance, as well as in other aspects of culture. In addition to the portrayal of insects in fine arts like paintings and sculpture, art forms also include the direct use of beetle wings (elytra) in paintings, fabrics, and jewelry. Insects have occasionally taken the form of distinguishing elements in many art forms, such as Art Nouveau.

CIS INSECT ARTS COMPETITIONSIn the enchanting realm where science meets art, the Centre for Insect Systematics (CIS) proudly presented SENI INSEKTA, an enthralling insect arts competition that transcends creativity and education. This captivating event, held on December 17, 2022, at Pusat Sains Negara, Kuala Lumpur, invited participants from diverse age groups and backgrounds to explore the wonders of insects through various artistic expressions. 

Activities :

1. Bugs or Not (Sama tapi Tak Serupa): Participants learned to differentiate between insects and other invertebrates, enhancing their understanding of entomology.

2. Dunia Insekta: An exploration into the diverse orders and biology of insects, unraveling the secrets of these fascinating creatures.

3. Jom Bedah Serangga: Aspiring entomologists experienced the role of an insect surgeon, gaining insights into the intricate anatomy of insects.

4. Metamorphosis: A captivating journey through the life cycle of insects, from egg to adult, revealing the marvels of metamorphosis.

5. Serangga Pelengkap Ekosistem: Understanding the vital role insects play in ecosystems, highlighting their importance in maintaining ecological balance.

6. Mari Melukis dan Bina Model Serangga: Participants had the chance to unleash their artistic talents by creating 2D and 3D insect-inspired artworks.

7. Pameran Serangga oleh Exo Explorers: Enthusiasts immersed themselves in a unique exhibition, where live and exotic insects took center stage, allowing for an up-close encounter.

8. Selamatkan Pendebunga: A playful and educational snake and ladders game emphasizing the importance of pollinators in our ecosystem.

9. Serangga Menu Harapan Masa Hadapan: Delving into the future of entomophagy, participants explored insects as alternative protein sources through interactive discussions.

10. Kuiz Kahoot: A lively quiz on insects that tested participants' knowledge and added a touch of friendly competition to the event.


1. Primary and Secondary School: Young minds unleashed their creativity, offering unique perspectives on the insect world.

2. Higher Learning Institution: University students showcased their artistic prowess, delving into the intricacies of insect-inspired art.

3. Open Category: A platform for enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds to share their imaginative interpretations of insects.

Art, Learning, and Beyond:

SENI INSEKTA at CIS went beyond being a competition; it was an immersive journey where art became a medium to unravel the mysteries of the insect world. Through captivating activities and thought-provoking discussions, participants not only showcased their artistic flair but also deepened their appreciation for the intricate and diverse realm of insects. SENI INSEKTA not only celebrated art but also ignited a passion for entomology, fostering a community where creativity and learning dance together in the magical world of insects.

SENI INSEKTA Steals the Limelight on Harian Metro

In a dazzling display of creativity and entomological exploration, SENI INSEKTA, the remarkable insect arts competition hosted by the Centre for Insect Systematics (CIS), recently took the spotlight in an illuminating feature on HMETRO. This vibrant event, showcased in the article, not only celebrated the diverse interpretations of insects through art but also served as a dynamic educational platform. SENI INSEKTA's activities, ranging from distinguishing insects to exploring their life cycles, captured the essence of entomology in an accessible and engaging manner. The media coverage in HMETRO not only highlights the event's success in fostering a fusion of art and science but also extends an invitation to a broader audience to appreciate the intricate world of insects. The article hints at the event's potential to inspire future editions and endeavors, underlining SENI INSEKTA as a catalyst for cultivating interest and curiosity about the fascinating realm of insects.