Get to know us

The Entomological Society of Malaysia (ENTOMA) came into being on the 22nd of August 1994, driven by the vision to foster public awareness about the paramount significance of insect studies. Our core mission also entails cultivating a robust global network among entomological researchers.

Membership welcomes all impassioned individuals invested in insect-related studies and research. Embracing a diverse community, we extend our arms to students, researchers, hobbyists, policymakers, lawyers, and even those from non-scientific backgrounds. This inclusivity serves as a vibrant platform to unite, to exchange ideas, to present groundbreaking research, and to explore avenues of potential collaboration.

Mission & Vission

The Entomological Society of Malaysia (ENTOMA) is recognized as a center of excellence in sharing and exchanging knowledge for the development and advancement of education and research in Malaysia and internationally.

Our mission is to promote entomological knowledge to the public through close collaboration with local and international entomologists, universities, government agencies, schools, related private sectors and NGO’s.