A Confluence of Recognition and Renewal

On January 30, 2023, the hallowed halls of the Dewan Persidangan Fakulti Sains & Teknologi, UKM Bangi, and the digital spheres of Webex witnessed a momentous occasion—the ENTOMA Annual Grand Meeting 2022. Presided over by Prof Madya Ts Dr Wan Fatma Zuharah Wan Musthapa, the outgoing President of ENTOMA (2021/2022), this event marked the ceremonial passing of the torch as the committee bid farewell to their roles.

In a hybrid setting, blending physical presence with virtual connectivity, Prof Madya Ts Dr Wan Fatma Zuharah Wan Musthapa inaugurated the dissolution of the ENTOMA 2021/2022 Committee and paved the way for the appointment of a new ensemble of dedicated individuals to carry the torch into the future.

Gratitude resounded through the digital corridors as a heartfelt acknowledgment was extended to the outgoing committee members of 2021/2022. Their tireless efforts not only steered ENTOMA through a myriad of activities but also propelled it into the spotlight, garnering recognition from the entomological society.

The dawn of a new era was heralded with the introduction of the ENTOMA Committee for the session 2023/2024:

  • President: Prof Madya Ts. Dr. Abdul Hafiz Ab Majid

  • Vice President: Dr Nurul Wahida Othman

  • Secretary: Dr Wan Nur Madihah Binti Wan Abd Halim

  • Assistant Secretary: En Yahutazi Chik

  • Treasurer: Prof Madya Dr Ng Yong Foo

  • Eco Members: 14 esteemed members from various IPTAs and industrial researchers, accompanied by 2 auditors.

The meeting transcended routine proceedings as it delved into discussions about future activities, strategizing to enhance ENTOMA's standing in the entomological sphere. Amidst the exchange of ideas, the spotlight also shone on the upcoming International Symposium on Insects (ISOI2023), promising a confluence of scholarly discussions and entomological revelations.

As the digital curtains closed on the ENTOMA Annual Grand Meeting 2022, it marked not just a transition of leadership but a reaffirmation of commitment to the fascinating world of entomology and the enduring legacy of ENTOMA.