Unveiling the Hidden World

Embark on a journey of discovery as ENTOMA, in collaboration with the Environmental Research Centre at Sime Darby Plantation (SDP), invites you to join the ENTOMA-SDP Scientific Expedition. Scheduled for 3-5 March 2023, this scientific quest promises an immersive exploration of insect biodiversity within the lush landscapes of Pulau Carey, nestled in the heart of the Sime Darby Plantation. As the sun rises on Carey Island, so does the curtain on an expedition that seeks to unravel the mysteries of its diverse ecosystems.

Exploring Pulau Carey - A Jewel in Sime Darby Plantation's Crown: Pulau Carey, situated within the expansive Sime Darby Plantation, stands as a testament to the company's commitment to sustainability and biodiversity conservation. As a vital part of Sime Darby's environmental initiatives, Carey Island is recognized for its unique blend of oil palm plantations and High Conservation Value (HCV) areas. The island boasts a delicate balance between agricultural development and the preservation of ecologically significant landscapes.

Oil Palm Plantations: Carey Island hosts mature oil palm plantations, providing a fascinating backdrop for the expedition. These plantations, managed by Sime Darby, represent a harmonious coexistence of agriculture and environmental stewardship. Participants will have the opportunity to explore these plantations, gaining insights into the complex interactions between insects and the oil palm ecosystem.

High Conservation Value (HCV) Areas: Beyond the structured rows of oil palm, Carey Island harbors High Conservation Value areas, sanctuaries of biodiversity and ecological richness. The expedition will venture into these HCV areas, allowing participants to witness the untouched beauty of natural habitats and the diverse insect life they support. From the fluttering wings of butterflies to the hum of bees, each moment promises a glimpse into the intricate web of life that defines these conservation zones.

Scientific Expedition Objectives: The primary objective of this scientific expedition is to compile a comprehensive list of insect biodiversity within both the oil palm plantations and the HCV areas of Pulau Carey. By bridging the gap between agricultural landscapes and conservation zones, the expedition aims to contribute valuable data that enhances our understanding of insect communities and their roles in different ecological contexts.

Why Carey Island?

  1. Rich Biodiversity: Carey Island's unique position within Sime Darby Plantation provides an opportunity to study a diverse range of insects thriving in varied environments.

  2. Sustainable Practices: Sime Darby's commitment to sustainability and biodiversity conservation ensures that the expedition aligns with responsible and ethical research practices.

  3. Educational Impact: By participating in this expedition, individuals contribute not only to scientific knowledge but also to the awareness and appreciation of the delicate balance between agriculture and conservation.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Limited Participation: Restricted to 45 participants, organized into teams of 5 members each.

  2. Exploration Areas: The expedition will cover both mature oil palm plantations and High Conservation Value areas, providing a diverse range of habitats.

  3. Sampling Equipment: Each team is required to bring their own sampling equipment, ensuring a hands-on and participatory experience.

  4. Documentation: Participants must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) to Sime Darby Plantations.

  5. Research Title Submission: All participants are encouraged to submit their research titles, with a focus on entomology-related studies.

Details of the Expedition:

  • Date: 3-5 March 2023

  • Location: Pulau Carey, oil palm plantation, and HCV areas

  • Fees: RM 100 per person (includes meals and accommodation)

  • Objective: To compile a comprehensive list of insect biodiversity

  • Registration Link: Click Here

Contact Information: For additional details and inquiries, feel free to reach out to the following contacts:

  • Azlina Zakaria: azlina.zakaria@simedarbyplantation.com

  • Entomology Malaysia: entomologymalaysia@gmail.com